Whim frequent user experience

2019/05/30 18:06

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I posted a blog reporting my Whim user experience in February in 2019Tested Whim app

In the blog, I wrote "I don't switch to Whim from HSL because I own a car and bicycle, but if I don't I would use Whim app on a daily basis." and "Whim is not that special for people who use only public transportation because HSL app already exists and it is useful enough.", but after using Whim app a few months, I am changing my mind.

Me as a Whim user

Our home office is located in Helsinki (inside HSL zone A) and with easy to access to the city center by public transportation. What I have tested are Whim Urban and Whim Urban 30. These users can use everything below except car sharing. In the post of February, City Bike has not started yet, so at that time Whim Urban covered public transportation, taxi and rent-a-car. After City Bike started in April, I mainly use public transportation and City Bike.

Features of Whim today

Whim's services:

  • HSL public transportation(≒ HSL ticket app
  • City Bike(From April to October)
  • Taxi hiring and taxi discount
  • Rent-a-car
  • Car sharing

As HSL's system changed in April, Whim also changed. Blog post about it: Whim's change after HSL's new zone system

Comment: City Bike

In April, this year's City bike use has started. I haven't used it before, but it was surprisingly easy to use and I found that there were a lot of stations in the city. Bicycles have 3 gears and saddle can be adjusted with the lever. I use City Bike when I go and back with a different route and my own bicycle when to go and back the same route for example home to the gym and the gym to home.

City Bike stations are not always located in inconvenient places. Sometimes bikes are all out. I want to use a bicycle outside the City Bike season, so I don't stop owning my bicycle, but it is convenient to be able to choose bicycles on the occasion.

Comment: Necessity of own car

My husband and I own a car, but we use it a couple of times a month. "Share=eco"-mind became natural to me, so now I feel we just waste money for maintenance. In February, I didn't feel it at all, but now rent-a-car is a possible option for me. Whim affected my mind.

Comment: Which to use HSL app or Whim app

Both HSL and Whim sell 30-days-ticket, but the prices have a little different. Whim is 2.30 euros more expensive than HSL, but Whim one includes also other services, so Whim is now for people who use more than public transportation.


As City Bike and Scooter are getting common and popular, now Helsinki is in the share business genesis. I am going to choose a suitable option every time and switch my life to more ecological.