Travel guide during transit

2019/06/19 19:00

Read in English 日本語で読む

A Japanese group of travelers asked us to show around Helsinki during their transit to Spain.

We have checked their time schedule and planned a 2 hour-sightseeing. Because the time of sightseeing was limited and they could not miss their connecting flight, we planned carefully and gave enough information beforehand to make everything go smoothly and efficiently.

They put their luggage to the locker in the airport, rode the right bus and bought round tickets as we had advised and everything went well. We believe proper and enough information makes travelers feel secure.

For travelers, especially when they have a time limit, local guides help a lot. You can save your time and spend your precious time efficiently. Local guides are very familiar with the area, systems and culture, so we can act a timekeeper, guide and entertainer at the same time.

This time, we only had 2 hours, but we could show beautiful summery Helsinki and customers got to like Finland even they were not that interested in this country before. The comment made us happy :)