Supported a Japanese Company at Slush Helsinki

2017/12/03 09:51

Read in English 日本語で読む

I had customers from Japan who came to participate in Slush Helsinki.

[Services I provided] Nov.28th - Dec.1st

  • Picking up from the airport
  • Taking to the hotel
  • Booking restaurants
  • Interpreting in meetings (English and Japanese)
  • Interpreting between my customers and another coordinator
  • Arranging timetables
  • Ordering and arranging taxis
  • Travel guide

In Helsinki, you can not hail a taxi. You can only get a taxi from a taxi station, by calling a service number or via a mobile app.

What I learned from the experience is the importance of preparation for meetings and mutual understanding between my customers and me, and about the importance of my roles. Am I just an interpreter or should I also help my customers giving a pitch? Sharing a vision and purpose beforehand with my customers is essential to having successful meetings.