Research on Finnish Governments MaaS Projects

2019/08/11 08:17

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A Japanese company asked us to make research on the Finnish government's MaaS projects.

We have done it on a very tight schedule, but we tried to give the results to them with as high quality as we could. Finland's official languages are Finnish and Swedish, but we collected information mainly in English as the customer wished.

In Finland, both society and business are based on trust. There is a very flat hierarchy and information is pretty open.

The father of Maas and MaaS Global's CEO, Sampo Hietanen says the same thing in this article of City of Helsinki.

I have often been asked why the MaaS concept, or Mobility as a Service, was first put together here in Helsinki. The service requires the simultaneous mutual trust of many parties, and Finnish society, which is based on trust, makes this possible. That also gives us room to try new things. The flat hierarchy here allows to get in touch with anyone. City mayors and ministers can make space in their calendars relatively easily. 

Ikada understands Finnish society and culture, and researches the most proper ways. We can research from any point of views such as from the government and users. Please feel free to contact us.

Updated on 22.8.2020

The result has come to an article by Urban Renaissance Agency, the semi-governmental organization. The link to the article is in the blog post: Research project article completed