Offers for guiding tours is on increase

2018/11/13 14:47

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Thankfully, we receive more offers for guiding tours.

Our motto is to make the best plan for each of the customers. We give tailor guiding tours to meet their needs.

Helsinki is comveinient distination to come from Japan, because there are direct flights from different cities in Japan to Helsinki. It is easy to travel around in Helsinki by themselves with Google Maps and guidebooks, as Helsinki is a compact and safe city.

I have experiences that I wondered around Helsinki and worn out when I was an exchange student of Univ. Helsinki in 2010-11. At that time not many had a smartphone, either did I. I bought a Nokia's very basic mobile phone which was popular and cheap then. This surprised me and I felt like being back in 1999, because all I had used was folding phones and they had a color monitor, better camera and more apps. I got my first mobile phone just after I became a year seven student and I changed phones every 2-3 years. I loved play sudoku and a snake game with my Nokia, though.

Well, I've wanderd from the subject.

I mean, without maps walking in a strange city is hard, especially for those who (including me) have got a poor sense of direction. Signs written in foreign language, buildings and rodes looked all the same. Nothing was familiar, but it fascinated me and made me to go out. Before going to discover new world, I checked GoogleMap on my heavy and thick note PC at home and wrote maps in a pocketbook.

It was fun and no problem for me to take time, because an as exchange student I had plenty of time. However, it's just wast of time for tourist. I hope our customer enjoy their time in Helsinki without worring where they are. So I can give efficient guiding tours based on my try and error. Guiding tour is helpful!

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