Crossed Lines - Scandinavian design shop in Daikanyama, Tokyo

2018/07/10 13:06

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During my business trip, I visited Crossed Lines which is a brand-new Scandinavian design shop in Daikanyama Tokyo.

As this shop sells FatCloths, I visited as a representative for FatCloth Oy to hear about sales and requests for the company.

Kotomi, the shop owner and I had a very good meeting even we met for the first time. We talked openmindly a lot about design, Scandinavian culture, business, etc.

Crossed Lines sells carefully-selected items which are authencic quality Scandinavian design with nice stories. It is going to have online store soon.

Address: 3-13 Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Online store: