Check-in support

2019/06/03 18:00

Read in English 日本語で読む

I (Anzu) helped Japanese solo traveler to check into her hotel.

Lately, there are various accommodations such as Airbnb, apartment hotel, hostel and classic hotel. Low-cost accommodations are popular, but cost-cutting equals that accommodations give less or more simple services.

The customer's apartment hotel has a reception, but it opens only weekdays. On weekends guests check-in by phone. Her arriving was on Sunday and she was worried if she could manage check-in herself in English. Face to face can be mentally easier because she could just give all the papers and ID to the reception without saying any word and let the receptionist handle.

I visited the hotel and make a call on behalf of her whilst she standing by my side. I gave all the information what the person on the line and followed what she said. We managed to get the hotel key.

It is no problem at all if you speak at least basic English, but for people not good at it, it is quite challenging.

Afterward, she sent me messages that she enjoyed her stay in Helsinki.