Anzu Lindroos

Main contact

Ikada’s main representative. Coordinator. Speaks three languages: Finnish, Japanese and English.

I like to challenge myself. When I was a university student I heard that Finland has a high level of education and the people are happy. I realized that to experience this i need to visit Finland. My plan was to be here for one year, but now I have been living here since 2012. I feel myself at home in Finland!

I strive to coordinate using cross-cultural understanding and language knowledge.

Andreas Lindroos

Ikada’s IT and marketing representative.

B.Sc. from Aalto University, software engineer. After one exchange year in Nagoya University of Technology and ten years of language studies I feel like Japanese has become my third native language. Now I speak four languages: Finnish, Japanese, English and Swedish.

In business what matters is understanding the customer and their problems.

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