Whim's change after HSL's new zone system started

2019/05/06 12:02


HSL divided its operating area into the new zone system on 27th April 2019 and Whim's plans and price have been changed. Refer New ticket prices after HSL's new zone sysytem

Whim app with new zone system

New Whim UI screenshots below: You can see your tickets in the left picture. If you have multiple tickets for example for your companions, there are more tickets on the screen. You'll tap the Whim logo on the center below in the picture when you buy tickets.

Valid tickets are in green as shown in the left picture. When an inspector comes to you, press the ticket and the central picture shows up, and tap "Ticket Inspection" and show QR-code. This is an adult's 30 days ticket in the AB area. Whim automatically renews the subscription, but you can stop renewing whenever you wish.

What have been changed?

New season ticket holders can buy additional zone tickets. However, Whim isn't compatible with them yet. ※ Additional zone ticket is available after the update on 30th May.

Because HSL rose ticket prices, Whim Urban 49€ changed to Whim Urban 30 and it costs 62€ now. With Whim Urban, users needed to buy a single ticket every time even Whim Urban was a 30 days subscription which had a bad reputation. Whim Urban 30 is a normal season ticket so that its users can just get on the transportation without doing anything.

Our blog reporting Whim user experience before the new zone system starts: Whim user experience New Whim subscription plans above.

Photos: whimapp.com, Whim app