Tried a shared electric scooter

2019/07/01 16:43


We gave a try to ride a shared electric scooter about which we posted in May. Scooter sharing boom in helsinki What we try was the green one, Tier scooters. You can read how to ride in the blog above.

Feeling when start

Kickstart the scooter while pressing the axel lever up with the right thumb. Onrush! The scooter started so abruptly, so we felt as if our body stayed behind.

On gravel rodes and stone pavements, it really was dangerous to ride and easy to lose balance. Cycling rodes are smooth and easy to go through.


Tier scooters have a speedometer as shown in the photo above. In the rule, the speed limit is 20km/h, but we were too busy to check the speed while riding because we must look forward and check other travelers, otherwise we easily crash with someone or something.

Tier's breaking is easy since it is the same as bicycles, but axel is kind of difficult. As already mentioned before, there is an axel lever and its control is hard. When you press it up strongly, the scooter starts at breakneck speed, on the other hand, when you press it up too carefully, it even doesn't start. We need some getting used to handling it.

In Helsinki, there are a lot of stone pavements and slopes. We also have cycling roads, but not everywhere and there are other active riders and bikers. I would say that the condition and environment are not that good for scooters, especially beginner riders.

For the future reference

We sensed danger. Next time, we will surely wear at least helmets and knee protectors are good to wear as well.

In France and Sweden, because of shared electric scooter caused fatal accidents, its usage is restricted. Luckily no fatal accident doesn't happen, but 3 to 4 injured riders are carried to Töölö Hospital and get surgeries weekly. YLE article(in Finnish)

There are piles of problems such as excessive speed which is the major cause of accidents and parking problems. Let's see how the system and rules about shared electric scooters will be changing.