Wedding photo session in a beautiful summer morning

2019/09/13 13:40


We arranged a wedding photo session for a Japanese couple who visited Helsinki.

It was a perfect day for it since it was a summery sunny day even it was at the beginning of September. As the couple wished, we had the photo session in front of Helsinki Cathedral and in Suomenlinna. This time Andreas was the interpreter. According to his report, the atmosphere of photo shooting was warm and cozy. We are very grateful to the lovely couple for trusting us and being nice to us, and to the photographers for their professional work.

It is always heartwarming to see a wedding photo session because couples are beautiful and look happy. Our role is to make the day of a photo shooting tremendous and it will remain in couples' minds as a good memory.

Summer is over and photo shooting in autumn and winter will be different. We will be providing suitable services for couples to feel comfortable in the season of rain and extreme cold.

If you are a professional photographer or have cooperation ideas, please feel free to let us know!

Photo: Ikada