New ticket prices after HSL's new zone system started

2019/05/06 11:06


HSL divided its operation area into new zone 27th April 2019 and ticket prices rose.

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New zone and ticket

Before the zone system starts, ticket prices depended on cities such as Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. New zones are divided depending on the distance from Helsinki Central Railway Station. Dotted lines show the previous area and the new zones are shown in blue and light blue and zones have names ABCD.

HSL didn't make zone A only ticket because the only zone A users might be quite a few. However, HSL users living and working within zone A complain about it.

Single and seasonal ticket prices rose and one-day-ticket prices are reduced.

Major change

Another major change is additional zone tickets.

Before, even having a Helsinki seasonal ticket, when traveling Helsinki to Vantaa, the traveler should buy a Regional ticket covering 3 cities, Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. It means that the traveler pays double for the Helsinki area. I used to be always frustrated by the system. Additional zone ticket solved the problem.

HSL ticket basic information

With a HSL ticket, you can transport metros, buses, trains, trams in the valid zone. You can ride as many times as you want during the valid time. Once you are on transportation, it is no problem even validity expires during your travel.

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HSL operates bicycle sharing (refer:Bicycle sharing in Helsinki) and electric scooter sharing (refer:Scooter sharing boom in Helsinki).

HSL's electric scooter sharing is operating on trial only in Vuosaari area in Helsinki.