Morning coffee meeting

2019/06/18 17:38


I (Anzu) talked to Japanese businessmen who came to research about Finnish and Baltic countries' business and cultures. The topics I talked about were the Finnish welfare system, culture and business setup.

They seemed to be interested in immigration, so I chose an immigrant owner's cafe which is popular among the locals for our meeting place.

Since I started my business 2 years ago, my knowledge of Finland's startup support system and conditions is still fresh. I went to Finnish schools (university and vocational school), have lived as a Helsinki citizen for 7 years, so Finnish social security and culture are parts of my life. I am more than happy if my experience helps someone's research.

We have often received this kind of request from Japanese business people who want to listen to me talk about my experience. I try to keep my knowledge updated and learn more about society every day. I think it is important to see situations from both the Japanese and Finnish point of view, so I check Japanese news as well to compare 2 countries.

Our information is based on reliable sources. Please feel free to contact us if you need information and research.